Great Adventures with Mars

by kasandraklassy


I say “great adventures” in a slightly humorous way, since Mars is not always the most comfortable planet to deal with. Normally Mars transits through each sign in 6 weeks, but currently has a much longer agenda transiting through Virgo this year. Mars does not feel at home in Virgo and has already been transiting in Virgo for several months now. This is a challenge to those with a Virgo ascendant or Moon. They could feel irritable, and need to figure out how to work with Mars. This affects everyone to a greater or lesser degree, depending on which house Virgo rules in your chart, and if you have any planets there.

If I was invited to write the “Dummies Guide” on how to deal with Mars, this is what I would say in a nutshell: Here are some do’s and don’ts when Mars is affecting your chart in a major way. Remember that Mars is like a surgeons scalpel, depending on how we use it, it can help or harm both ourselves and others.

*Make goals and get things done
*Exercise a lot (martial arts or yoga anyone?)
*Become more independent
*Analyze feelings of anger and express them properly
*Become more disciplined
*Introspect to see how you can change and not try to change others

*Let Mars get too involved in your personal relationships
*Blast people with the full force of your pent up Mars energy
*Don’t take unecessary risks (since accidents are more likely to happen when Mars is in certain positions in your chart)

Mars will venture into Libra on February 4 until March 25, giving the Virgos a bit of a break. The news is not great for Libra rising or Libra moon when Mars transits there because Saturn and Rahu are also currently in Libra. Mars is implusive by nature, Saturn likes to take it’s time, and Rahu is often looking for new experiences and never satisfied. Libras would do best to join their forces with Saturn, and not become swayed by the more “seemingly exciting” energies of Mars and Rahu. Thankfully Jupiter is also making a nice trine to Libra, giving great wisdom on how to handle this combination of opposing energies.

Also those with planets in Aries, especially their moon or rising, get the full crash course in how to deal with malefic planets during the transit through both Virgo and Libra. Mars aspects Aries with an 8th house aspect from Virgo, and a 7th house aspect from Aries. So either way they are getting “empowerd” by Mars, or “irritated”, depending on how they work with it. They also have Ketu transiting their 1st house of self, and Saturn, Rahu and Mars in their relationship house!! In this situation it is best to not have a lot of expectations around relationship, realizing that this planet we incarnated on has many lessons to teach us both through the ups and the downs of life.

The months of February and March could also be a challenge for Scorpio moon or rising signs, since Mars is their ruling planet. In Libra Mars moves into their 12th house of loss, moksha, and yes, even the house of sleep. Mars feels restricted by Saturn, and sort of “amped up” by Rahu, so it’s a bit messy. Since the 12th house also relates to “giving to others”, Scorpios would feel happiest if they take this as their focus during these few months.

Especially watch February 4 and 5 when the moon gets involved in the Libra mix up by being in Aries with Ketu, opposite Mars, Saturn and Rahu. In these situations you can watch your own energy just by having some awareness. The problem is that you can’t control other people’s actions at that time. It is just best to give them some compassion and a wide berth, knowing that it is a challenging few days for everyone when every single malefic planet is affecting the moon (our emotional receptive nature.) Remember that aspect from Jupiter I talked about? So what’s the worry!

I will talk even more about Mars in the future since when it goes back into Virgo it will be there until July 13!