Shiva and Shakti find Balance

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury remains retrograde in Capricorn until February 12, when it goes direct. In my experience many people are more concerned about Mercury being retrograde than almost any other planetary challenge! The thing to remember is that not all Mercury retrogrades are the same. It depends on the sign it is retrograde in and other aspects. Since Mercury is in Capricorn, a grounded and supportive earth sign, and aspected by Jupiter, it is better than many other “Mercury retrogrades.”

Saturn Moon

Starting on February 12 and 13 things start to get a bit more complicated. The moon, which represents our emotions, goes into Scorpio those 2 days with Saturn. Scorpio is  tumultuous on the emotional level, and Saturn can make it feel restricted. However on February 14, Valentines Day should be more favorable (just in time to make up). The drama ends and the moon moves into the next sign, giving us perspective to share on what the prior days brought up for us.

Mars, Venus and Ketu have a party, and then invite the Moon to join!

Added to that picture is Mars going into Pisces on Feb. 12, and then Venus on Feb. 15. Ketu, the negative eclipse point happens to also be in Pisces at this time. So what is happening with this mix of energies? Venus is exalted in Pisces (!) and wants to give completely of itself unconditionally. Mars is the planet of individuality and wants to stay strong in itself. Pisces is encouraging our individual selves to give up their limited individual wants and desires. Between Feb. 19-24 this dialogue becomes very strong inside of us as the two planets are less than one degree from each other in the sky. On Feb. 20 and 21 the Moon in Pisces will join them! (You might be able to see them with the moon setting after the Sun in the western sky). Add to that a bit of mystery from Ketu or possibly even confusion. The Vedas say that Ketu obscures things, like smoke from a fire. At the same time Ketu urges us to let go of all attachments, so it is very profound on a spiritual level. So what can emerge is either some very profound insights into the mystery of the universe, and possibly even insights into our relationships too. The cosmic Shiva and Shakti are walking the tight rope between self and individuality!

Jupiter is Exalted still until July 13, 2016

This is a huge blessing that only comes our way once every 12 years for one year! Jupiter is in it’s most favorite sign of Cancer bringing spiritual teachings and great blessings to our planet. Currently it is retrograde, so it is very bright in the sky and you can see it at night. On March 1-3 it will be near the moon, which is a great blessing to see, and usually puts everyone in a wonderful mood.

This is also a good time to take advantage of this timing from now until mid July to select a “Muhurta.” A Muhurta is an auspicious date that is picked by an astrologer. When the date is selected the astrologer will often put the exalted Jupiter in a prominent house in the chart. In the scriptures it is says “when Jupiter is rising in a chart it removes a thousand blemishes.” So if you are thinking of getting married, engaged, starting a business, building a house, or other new project, this is a great time. It is best to have an astrologer pick the exact day and time that is best for this as well.